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The political world generally exudes inaccessibility and in attempts to clarify their positions, politicians use misleading rhetoric that hides their real intention. That is how phrases like "trickle down" and "death tax" work their way into the public consciousness and the introduction of political biases mold the opinions of otherwise undecided or uninformed voters. Under the pretense of oppenness, political rhetoric obfuscates what is really going on behind the legislative curtain. 


My written work, both academically and professionally, follows the trend of trying to break down these barriers and pick apart the reasons why there is a disconnect between the public and their elected officials. As you trickle down through my work you will notice themes of visual design incorporated with public policy on inequality, health, and environment. 

This project is part of my capstone for the Minor in Writing that reflects my interests and talents. I wanted to explore something with which I had exposure, but that still held concepts I hadn't fully explored, so I settled on policy. Specifically, I was interested in the ways we shape and understand wealth inequality in the US.

This website (linked below) seeks to deal with the way we talk about and affect inequality while addressing the implications of these interactions. There are interactive graphics along with an easy to follow format that I'm hoping would make a reader feel comfortable and yet still express the importance of the material.

FRAMED Magazine

This magazine was a semester project in my minor which allowed me to develop both my interest in policy design and graphic design. This issue represents one of two issues that, in theory would be released each month; one liberal and one conservative. This is the liberal issue.


E-Cigarette Policy Brief

As a policy brief I wrote for an Upper Level Writing Course on state government, this paper is meant as an argument for a local legislator to consider electronic cigarette excise taxation. It represents a media-free piece in my discipline of political science.

Writer's Evolution

In my writer's evolution essay for the minor I chose to write about my struggle negotiating with an audience. This is an issues that I deal with in every piece I write, though this essay specifically addresses how hard it has been for me through the use of writing samples.

Lisa Miller

3900 E Pineview Dr

Dexter, MI 48130

Tel: 734-223-6404


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Trickle Down

SSTI Poster

SSTI Poster

I created this poster for the California Department of Transportation for the purposes of increasing workplace knowledge. The content is based on an external firm's report of possible areas for improvement and the poster specifically focuses on the planning division of Los Angeles District 7. It was an opportunity for me to be design heavy while working toward a greater goal at Caltrans.

Campus Climate Poster

Campus Climate Poster

This poster is the culmination of a year working with the School of Social Work at the University of Michigan on research about sexual minorities in the campus setting. As my first experience with intensive research it set the stage for my future interests in policy and statistical analysis.

Sustainable Farming Poster

Sustainable Farming Poster

This piece is the result of my summer working with a non-profit in Detroit. I performed research for Food and Water Watch about factory farms and compiled a survey for sustainable farmers about their barriers to competition. This is a compilation of my results in an easy-to-read infographic.

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